Tips for Choosing Luggage

If you are planning a trip or even just want to make sure you are prepared for any spontaneous inspirations to explore the planet, then it is likely you will want to make sure you have the right luggage to carry you happily and securely on your journey. Choosing the right luggage is so involved and so precise that it should quite possibly be considered an art in and of itself. It can also occasionally seem to be a daunting and potentially even perplexing decision process as it is a truly important component and aspect of one’s travel experience. It is the luggage itself as much as the accommodation that acts as a home while traveling. Having the right luggage will almost always make any trip a better trip.

So what should one look for in the right personal casing solution? Most aspects are specific to the type of journey, but some are applicable to just about any trip you may be planning. Here is an overview of some of the primary things to consider when choosing your luggage and ensuring that your travel experience is as convenience optimized as possible.

Weight is likely the single most important factor when choosing luggage for your personal travel requirements. If your luggage is heavy, it is going to be more of a burden to carry. This can not be overstated. It is an extremely important consideration for your own physical happiness and the happiness of those handling your luggage. While heavy luggage is occasionally unavoidable and to be expected, it should only be what is inside that makes it heavy if anything. While potentially expensive metal luggage may look really nice, make sure you can also afford to pay someone accordingly to carry it. Otherwise you may be wishing you had gotten something much lighter and saved the extra money.

While the size of much of the luggage available today may vary, all of the sizes available at most stores are generally acceptable as check-in baggage at most airlines. A large bag is fine if you don’t mind checking your luggage. The possibility of the airline temporarily delaying a checked bag’s arrival is much less likely than it used to be, but if you arrive at the counter late it can potentially be a concern. If at all possible it is best to use a carry-on for your luggage needs.

Two wheel or four wheel? That is the question. 2 big wheels will get you up a flight of stairs easier than 4 small wheels, but 4 small wheels is a breeze over long and smooth distances. Although, if you have cobbled streets to walk for long then 2 big wheels is likely your best bet.

Organizational pockets in luggage vary and the offerings seem to be getting better every year. A filing folder accordion organizer system used in more and more luggage today is excellent for keeping everything in place. It certainly helps things stay neat and efficient. Find something that fits your needs and tell the store clerks if you are looking for something better suited to your purpose.

The internet is a great place to shop for the widest array of luggage available and many stores online will display the inside in addition to the outside. Happy travels!