An Introduction To Hawaiian Fruit

If you are planning a trip or vacation in Hawaii sometime soon, or are already in this tropical paradise, you will likely want a good overview of the various unique fruits that are available to sample and enjoy during your stay. While there might be many more exotic fruits available in the islands, hopefully this will be enough to give you a general introduction to some of the primary favorites found in the Hawaiian Islands.

The Mango:

The mango is a delicacy to be lavishly indulged in whenever the season is ripe. It is a wonderful island treat that will vibrantly dazzle the taste buds with orange nectar. There are different kinds of mango and, like many things; different people seem to have their own favorites. Most people seem to agree that the variety known as the “Hayden” is quite delectable. While some varieties are smaller and have a stringy consistency, the Hayden is usually a larger fruit and isn’t stringy inside which means it is very easy to eat. It is also generally sweet rather than some tangier varieties when ripe. Do be careful not to drench your clothes in mango juice as you dive mouth-first into its sweet and tangy goodness.

The Apple Banana:

While most people have likely eaten a banana at some point, they are less likely to have eaten an “Apple Banana”. The more common banana is generally referred to as a “Williams” in Hawaii and is definitely not the most popular choice. The reason is that the Apple Banana is so ridiculously delicious that no one really bothers with the standard banana unless it’s more conveniently available. The “Apple Banana” is a smaller variety of banana and may be conceptualized as concentrating the taste of 4 standard bananas into one small and tasty banana package. Smoothies are, of course, amazing with these small wonders and it is highly recommended to enjoy at least one while in Hawaii. 

The Papaya:

Papayas abound in Hawaii and it is no wonder that the local people have been planting them all over the place for so long. If you are looking for a yummy breakfast, then a papaya with a slice of lemon or lime is a wonderful way to start the day in Hawaii. The “Strawberry Papaya” is especially a favorite local variety. You may even get to pick one from the tree yourself if you happen upon any during your stay in Hawaii. As a note, the seeds can really add some spice to a salad dressing, and some enjoy eating a few with the papaya itself for an interesting taste combination.

These are just a few of the most common fruits you will encounter in Hawaii, but it should be enough to inspire an adventure to local fruit stands or farmers’ markets when you are in Hawaii. There are lots of both all around the islands and if you are driving around you will likely see many along the way. Enjoy a tasty stay in Hawaii!