Booking a Wine Country Bed and Breakfast Tour

Need to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Then it’s the perfect time for a wine country vacation! The wonder and beauty of California’s wine country can be explored in a number of different ways, including driving, taking a guided tour, hiring a limo, biking through the area, and hiking. However, there’s one very special way to see the area that also provides you with a nice and relaxing way to spend each night – a bed and breakfast tour through wine country.

Staying at a bed and breakfast can be incredibly relaxing and, if you’re with your significant other, very romantic too. In fact, many newlyweds choose bed and breakfasts over hotels because of the more intimate and personal experience. You can experience this warmth and hospitality while touring wine country by taking part in a bed and breakfast tour. Some of these tours involve renting a room at a single bed and breakfast and heading each day to visit different wineries and enjoy the countryside from one central location. Other tours book rooms for you at two or three different bed and breakfasts, so that you move from room to room as you explore wine country.

Fortunately, booking these wine country tours can be fairly easy. If you plan to stay at one B&B for your entire trip, simply book your reservation through the inn itself. On the other hand, if you’d prefer to move from one B&B to another, it may be a bit more difficult to arrange – especially if one of the B&Bs is booked up. Ask around – you may also be able to find tour packages that do all the booking for you, making your vacation reservations a snap.

There are over 200 wineries in wine country – too many to tour in a weekend or even in a few weeks! However, by booking a bed and breakfast tour, you can view a number of these wineries in one trip. Of course, you’ll want to select the wineries you want to tour before you book your bed and breakfast. Once you’ve decided which Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, or Cabernet Sauvignon you want to sample, you face the difficult task of picking a local B&B.

One of the nicest bed and breakfasts available is the Shelford House Bed and Breakfast Inn. This B&B is tucked away between the Mendocino coast and Healdsburg, CA, and it offers some amazing views and nights spent in a Queen Anne style home. It’s just one of many different bed and breakfasts available in wine country, all of which are incredibly decorated and designed with your comfort in mind. These bed and breakfasts are all owned and managed by local wine country residents, and can be a great launching point to the many different places to visit and sights to see. The food is, of course, great, and you’ll likely have an even better selection of wines to go with each meal.

If you’re looking to completely escape the modern world, tour a great location in California and sleep in absolute peace, check out a bed and breakfast tour of wine country. These tours can be a great way to recharge, relax and learn about some of the best wines in the world.