Celebrity Spotting in Los Angeles

Everyone wants to meet a celebrity – but some people head out to Los Angeles specifically to search for celebrities. If you’re among this crowd, you’ll be happy to know that there are several different places to go to spot celebrities. While many people think that they hide away in their mansions all the time, there are a number of famous people who are out and about in LA daily. However, one thing to remember is that when celebrities are eating out or grocery shopping, they may not want to be made the center of attention. Be courteous when spotting celebrities, and remember that they are people, too.

Of course, if you know about an important event in LA, you’re almost guaranteed to spot a celebrity or two. For example, when celebrities are receiving a star on the Walk of Fame, there’s sure to be a crowd full of their famous friends. Film premiers at locations like Grauman’s Chinese Theatre are another great place to find celebrities. Of course, some stars – especially those with families – enjoy visiting Disneyland and other theme parks in the area. Again, however, if a star is with his or her family, they may not appreciate being approached by a fan.

If you’re in town and none of these events are going on, you can always check out famous celebrity hangouts. There’s no guarantee that any stars will show up, of course, but it can be fun to simply sit and know that you’re eating at the same restaurant your favorite celebrities eat at. One dead giveaway to watch out for – if you see a lot of photographers hanging around a place, you can be sure a star is inside. The following are some of the major events and locations that celebrities often visit.

The LAPD Celebrity Golf Tournament takes place every year in May and features hundreds of stars.
The Hollywood Stars Night, an event in July/August, sees many celebrities crowding into Dodgers Stadium to play against each other in a charity game before settling in to watch the Dodgers play.
William Shatner hosts his annual Hollywood Charity Horse Show in April/May of every year. Many stars attend the auction to help raise money for various charities.

Or, if you’re out for a bite to eat and want to watch for celebrities, the following are some restaurants known to be frequented by stars.

In West Hollywood:
Dan Tana’s
Le Dome
Eurochow (operated by the same chef as Mr. Chow)

In Beverly Hills
Mr. Chow

In Santa Monica
Chinos on Main
Patrick’s Roadhouse

Granita, a restaurant owned by Wolfgang Puck

Once you’ve spotted a celebrity, try to remain calm. As mentioned above, most are out simply to shop or have a nice meal. If you want an autograph, calmly walk up to the celebrity, politely say hello, and ask if they would mind giving you an autograph. If they say no, respect their wishes. Most, however, will agree and may even want to chat with you for a bit. Be sure to thank them when leaving, before rushing home to tell your friends and family members all about your experience.