Florida Beaches. Visiting Florida’s Best Beaches.

Florida is a peninsula. It has three sides of its land covered by water. It has some of the most beautiful beaches in North America. Some of those beaches include Siesta Keys, Key West, South Beach, and St. Augustine beach. A siesta key is on the west coast of Florida. Its coasts are caressed by the water of the Gulf of Mexico. Powdery white beaches and crystal blue waters make this beach very popular to vacation or live on.

It attracts vacationers and spring breakers alike. Minutes away from beautiful Sarasota, Siesta Keys is definitely paradise on earth. Don’t forget about Key West! Key West is an archipelago of islands in the southern most point of Florida. They are known for their natural wild life. You can swim with dolphins and eat fresh fish straight out of the ocean. Make sure you visit Key West during Lobster fest! Beautiful white sandy beaches, amazing hospitable people, and a great night life make Key West vacationers must! South beach on the other hand is a wonderful strip of night clubs and upscale restaurants housing hundreds of millionaires.

South beach is known for its modern architecture, Latin roots and fashion! You can eat a Cuban sandwich or a filet mignon and both will be a great privileged to taste. It’s located on the east side of Florida. South Beach is great for people ready to party and the beach is great to lie out and get over your hangover. Whether you drink or not you have to try their mojitos and Piña coladas.

St. Augustine is a more relaxed beach. Not much partying, it’s a great beach to go with family. They have cute little antique shops with vintage items. Bed and breakfasts lined up around the beach. This beach is located in the NE coast of Florida. It has great seafood spots and nice bars and pubs. Another of Florida’s white sanded beaches, St. Augustine is a beautifully flat beach with no shells that stick on the bottom of your feet.

If you haven’t visited one of these beaches then you’re missing out! August is the hottest month in Florida so making sure you wear a lot of sunscreen! The white sands are like mirrors that reflect the sun right back at you. Most beaches in Florida offer jet skis and water sports. Take in as much as you can while you’re there. It’s never a long enough vacation especially when you’re in paradise.