Florida: More Than Just Disney World

The sunshine state definitely defines Florida better than any other nickname. Disney is amazing but it’s not Florida’s only form of entertainment. There’s great natural state parks, beautiful white sandy beaches, exciting nightlife, exhilarating water sports, one of a kind music festivals like Ultra and Winter Music conference in Miami. Florida is definitely more than just a family vacation with oversized costumed characters singing it’s a small world.

Upon arrival get yourself a nice, comfortable rental car with Ice cold a/c and tinted windows. You will need it. Things in Florida are pretty spread out and you will be spending some time in the car getting to your destinations. In Orlando you have the theme parks, dinner shows, and attractions. Everything you would want to do if you have the kiddies with you. Now, if you’re for some grown up time then head over to Universal City walk. There you can find a strip of night clubs sure to fit your musical taste. Once you’re tired of hanging out with all the tourists, head to more local spots like nightclubs in Downtown Orlando. Nightclubs like dragon room and 23 have plenty of drinks and music to keep you going all night long. That’s where all the locals go to party. There’s something going on everyday of the week.

If you’re looking to become one with nature and have a more relaxing outing then head to Wekiva Springs located North of Orlando. Florida’s cold natural springs are open to swimmers, kayaks, and canoes. Don’t worry about the alligators; the park staff is good about keeping a close eye to intruders. It’s very rare to even see an alligator in parks so don’t worry. Now if you want to go see some alligators head over to either Gatorland in Orlando or take a wild ride on some airboats in some of the swamps near by. You can rent out the boat for an hour and they will drive you around on top of the grass and water to see some wild life. Wear some sunscreen; you will definitely catch some sun.

Keep driving toward the east coast to Cocoa beach. Visit NASA and check out the rocket/shuttle museum. Kennedy Space center is just minutes away. You can go inside a shuttle and look at all the cool gadgets. The staff is very educated and will answer any questions regarding the engineering of the shuttles and what it takes to be an astronaut. You will look at space in a different way. After the Space center you should space out and unwind at beaches in cocoa. Check out some bars on the beach. Coconuts rest. And beach bar is my personal favorite. The patio area is right on the sand. They also provide showers on the way in to wash off all the sand off your feet. They play live music and serve awesome piña coladas. Ron Jon surf shop is on the same trip so make sure pop your head in for some surfer wear and flip-flops.

No matter what your taste is or your budget there’s something unique to do in Florida other than Disney. There’s so much in Florida to see and experience. I only named a few. Plan your trip and pack your outdoor clothing. Enjoy the heat of the sunshine state and don’t forget to grab some oranges to eat on the road.