Florida Rollercoasters

When you think of Florida the first thing that comes to mind is alligators, beaches, and Disney. Florida has numerous attractions where you can get a feel for its natural wildlife. Even the state’s theme parks are packed with animals! Lions and tigers and bears, Oh My! Parks like Disney’s animal kingdom and Busch Gardens in Tampa are loaded with exotic animals from around the world. The other thing it’s packed with is crazy rollercoasters!

Have you ever seen the abominable snowman? Well you can meet him over in Animal Kingdom. Expedition Everest in Asia is where you can find him. It’s a high speed, high altitude rollercoaster with unexpected twists and turns through and around Mount Everest. You hit a point in the ride where you’re in pitch darkness. The lights come on to reveal the tracks all twisted in a dead end. Stuck on a train in Mount Everest with crazy rumors of a yeti running around is quite the adventure. Everyone should get on this exhilarating rollercoaster at least once in their life time! It’s fantastic!

Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida is filled with rollercoasters. One of their most popular rollercoaster is Montu. It’s great for coaster enthusiasts. Montu is an Egyptian themed coaster. Its name translates to God of War. It makes about 7 inversions and its one of the tallest and longest inverted rollercoaster on earth! It was also voted as one of the top steel coasters in the world. Ride it at least once and feel the rush!

The Incredible Hulk Coaster is #1 at Islands of Adventure in Orlando Florida. The ride is started off with a launch that will take you from 0-40 mph in 2 seconds! This high speed loopy coaster is to die for! It loops and takes you in and through underground tunnels. You can see the whole park from the coaster as you spiral to the top. This ride will not get you angry but it will get you screaming on the top of your lungs!

Each park has more than 2 coasters worth riding. When you make it in to Florida take some time away from the cute fairy tale adventures and head over to some hair rising thrill rides. The park’s also have water rides with a drop that makes your heart drop with it. If you like coasters then you would appreciate those rides too. Especially on a hot Floridian day! A vacation far from ordinary!