Florida’s Natural Springs

Florida has over 6oo natural springs. With the clearest, freshest water that stays at a cool 72 degrees all year long. Ponce De Leon discovered these springs and thought that it was a fountain of youth. Who can blame him? The springs are so beautiful you would think you were in another world. He first discovered them throughout north Florida and Central Florida.

Some of these springs can be from 200 feet to 1 mile underground! Then there are other springs that are so small that you can hardly see the stream of water. These springs are great for kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, and underwater cave exploration.

In the Northwest region of Florida you have Ponce De Leon Springs, Morrison Springs, Gator Springs, Pitt Springs and many more! The Ponce De Leon Spring is located in a state park. You can bring food to BBQ. The park provides picnic tables to picnic at. The spring goes as deep as 13 feet. There is no scuba allowed here. There is really no need to scuba dive. It’s more like a big pool than anything else. It’s perfect to swim in and cool off on the hot summer days.

Morrison Springs on the other hand is perfect to scuba dive in. It’s a large basin area that has 3 different entrances to the underwater caves. The first one starts at about 30 feet and the second at 50 ft. It can go as deep as 90 feet in the caves. You can always detect light from anywhere in the caverns. It’s now owned by the state and was made as a park with free admission. During your dive you may run into some freshwater eels and fish.

Heading into central Florida Rock Springs is a must see. If you’re into snorkeling then you will love this unique oasis. The spring comes out of a large rock formation. You can swim underneath the rock. The current will take you down stream with little to no effort at all. The water is cool, blue, clear and full of fish. You can also camp at the park. The deepest area of the spring goes down to 8 ft and as shallow as 3 ft making snorkeling easy and enjoyable.

If you visit Florida make sure you take some time to visit the fountain of youth. The water is the perfect temperature during a long hot day in the sunshine state. You may even run into some gentle manatees.