Florida’s Nude Beaches

Florida is known for its beautiful beaches and weather. Nudist beaches are now on the rise! Europe is not shy on their beaches and now the states are starting to catch on with Florida being the #1 state for nudist resorts and beaches. Finally we have an easier way of getting some sun on those hard to reach areas!

We all know that Vitamin D comes from sun exposure. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to intestinal problems, prostate cancer, colon cancer, osteoporosis and more. Receiving some sun where the sun doesn’t shine will give you some serious benefits. Exposing yourself to the sun will trigger Vitamin D synthesis in the skin. It is nearly impossible to receive Vitamin D from food so throw out all of your Milk because you’re not really receiving any vitamins from it. Milk is fat and hormones.

Florida has numerous nudist beaches and resorts. South Florida is definitely in the lead. Halouver beach is the only legal nude beach in Florida. It is located in the Miami-Dade county regional park. Sffb.com has more information on the location of this beach. They have different events for every kind of age group. You can lie out on the beach or join a game of nude volley ball. They also have some nude parties on the beach. They even have nude Spring breaks on the beach. Something for everyone and open year round.

Cypress Cove resort in Kissimmee is also growing in nudist enthusiasts. Now you can go to an all exclusive nudist resort either for a few days or a long get-away. Cypress cove offers a number of amenities from a full service spa, full restaurant and lounge. You can enjoy breakfast watching the sunrise or go get a full body massage to melt your worries away. They even have a full gym at the resort so that you can get your workout on in the nude.

Most of these nude destinations have clubs where you can become part of a community. They also offer seminars and workshops so that you can build your confidence and understand the lifestyle. They have activities and clubs for the young ones in the family too. It’s a wonderful way to become more open minded and to see a different perspective to things. I recommend before you knock it or frown upon nudist resorts do some more research on it. Join some forums and listen to people’s opinions without judgment. Dare to visit a nudist resort and conquer your fear of being exposed. It may be the most liberating thing you’ve done in your whole life, especially in the beautiful Florida sun.