The Natural Wonderland of Na Pali in Kaui

The Na Pali coast of the island of Kauai in Hawaii is a nature lover’s wonderland. The lush tropical environment is intermittently dotted with blissful vistas nestled within this vast stretch of wilderness. To many it is a testament to nature’s grace and beauty. It truly is a shining example of just how gentle and spectacular life can really be.

The relatively small island of Kauai is a garden paradise when one ventures beyond the limitations of the paved roads. The north shore, in particular, is a pilgrimage worthy of any traveler interested in getting in touch with what truly matters. When stepping off of the concrete into the lush environment, one may find it difficult to imagine how modern society ever sought to part from such blissful surroundings. It is as though one is being held in the bosom of nature itself. One may wonder why humanity would have ever decided to stray from such organic perfection.

Water is practically ubiquitous in the scenery of this environment. It gushes forth from spectacular waterfalls on one side of the trail and seemingly stretches to infinity as the ocean on the other side. At certain times of the year, when the humpbacks have arrived from Alaska, it is easy to catch a glimpse of a whale or a group of whales breaching and playing in the ocean from a lookout on the cliff high above. The waterfalls of the Na Pali and their surrounding pools are an intimate and tactile experience best interfaced directly. To swim in the pools at the base of such waterfalls, or to stand with one’s back laying against the rock wall in the center of the rushing flow, is a baptism in and of itself. The water seems to wipe one’s entire being clean. Streams and rivers trickle down the mountains and return once again to the ocean from whence they came and the cycle begins anew. It is a rare and wonderful microcosm in which one can watch the entirity of the natural circuit in one pristine spot. The sun shining upon the ocean generating the mist of clouds which gather above and encircle the peaks of the mountain to then rain down and flow, at the speed of gravity, back into the ocean once again.

The water is also found manifest in living form as the lush tropical environment. Ferns of various kinds emerge from the cliffs to gently kiss those passing by. The variety of flowers and various succulants painting the landscape is like no other on Earth. Each valley offers a potentially new sub-environment, with the possible surprise of a delicious guava grove to tickle the tastebuds or an agave forest pointing its way into the sky above. The harmony of light and water woven together in this tropical tapestry leaves one longing no more.

It is this life that nature intended. It is as a proverbial Eden, but here there are no snakes to distract from the perfection of nature’s paradise