Tipping In The USA

America is a nation of tippers compared to the rest of the world. For many services that do not require a tip abroad, a tip is expected in the USA. Furthermore, the tipping rate for waiters and taxi drivers is higher in America compared to the world. In the US, a standard tip for a meal is about 18-20% (15% is considered low, 10% very low, and 25% nice).

For taxi drivers, the tip is about 15-20%. But don’t use percentages as a clear guide. For example, in New York City and Las Vegas, you may have a cab ride that is about $7 or so. In this case, a $2-$3 tip is considered standard. A 15% tip on a $7 fare is considered low.

In a coffee shop or ice cream store where the service is at the counter, you will often see a tip jar. Here, a tip is not considered mandatory or expected. Throwing your extra change or a $1 tip is perfectly fine.

When you arrive at a hotel, if the baggage handler brings bags to your room, he generally expects a tip. Something like $5 is a fine tip. If you just have one bag, then something like $2 is fine and perhaps a larger tip is in order if you have many bags.

Tipping extends to an array of other discretionary services as well. For example, tipping is customary at a nude bar or even a sex worker! Also, movers or other physical labor workers appreciate a tip. You do not, however, tip someone like a plumber, doctor, or lawyer that sends you a bill.