Visiting Galveston Island

If you happen to be in the greater Houston area, a side trip worth taking is visiting Galveston. This island community is about an hour’s drive from downtown Houston.

Galveston was once the largest and most bustling city in Texas. It is a very historical city, and there are a lot of old homes and other museums in Galveston. Many are a bit boring and are just useful to kill some spare time. However, the one museumwas forever damaged by the great hurricane of 1900. Known as the Great Storm, the 1900 hurricane forever altered the landscape of Galveston. A great place to visit during a Galveston trip is Pier 21, which shows a half-hour presentation of the storm.

While visiting Galveston, the most popular things to do are visit the beach, visit Moody Gardens, and eat seafood. As for the beach, it’s nothing special. The water is a brownish color due to the sediment from the rivers that go to it. Since the beach is overall pretty mediocre, it is not something especially charming to visit.

An interesting stop is Moody Gardens. This amusement park has a variety of exhibits. They have a 3-D Imax, a rainforest exhibit, and a deep see ridefilm. It’s not worth visiting Galveston just for Moody Gardens alone, but it’s a nice feature to the island.

The most attractive part of Galveston is that it is a quaint, old experience. While parts of it are a bit rundown, it has the charm of a small seaside community. There are many excellent seafood restaurants, and many find shopping along the Strand to be quite enjoyable. Galveston isn’t a great place for a week-long vacation, but it is certainly great for a one or two day trip.