Visiting The Wisconsin Dells

The Dells of the Wisconsin River are a series of features of striking natural beauty in Southern Wisconsin, one hour north of Madison. Over several decades, the nearby city of Wisconsin Dells has become a thriving tourist destination, featuring numerous theme parks and water parks, golf and spa resorts, and even a popular casino. This combination of stunning natural landscapes and exciting attractions make a visit to The Dells a wonderful experience for the whole family.

The dells themselves are a series of sandstone cliffs and gorges carved into the idyllic landscape by the Wisconsin River, sometimes rising up to 100 feet above the water. A scenic tour of the river and surrounding cliffs is the most essential experience in The Dells. The most famous of these tours use unique amphibious vehicles called Ducks, though jet boat tours are also available and provide a truly exhilarating view of the Dells. Canyon tours are also available in dry canyons nearby, including exciting horseback and carriage-drawn tours.

The town of Wisconsin Dells is known as the Water Park Capital of the World, and for good reason. It boasts numerous indoor and outdoor parks, including Noah’s Ark, the largest water park in the nation. Noah’s Ark features 49 waterslides, two wave pools, and countless other attractions. Several resorts include their own on-site indoor water parks; indeed, in Wisconsin Dells, you’re never far from another fantastic water park, making this a great destination for year-round family fun.

For something more relaxing, choose Wisconsin Dells for your next golf outing. There are several well-regarded 9- and 18-hole public courses in the area, making the Dells a perfect destination for golfers of any skill level. The Chula Vista Resort maintains its own 18-hole course, Coldwater Canyon, and Golf Magazine rated the brand-new Wild Rock Golf Club among the top five best new courses of 2008.

And if even a calm day on the golf course isn’t relaxing enough for you, then you’ll feel right at home at one of Wisconsin Dells’ full-service spas. The Sundara Inn & Spa was featured in Travel & Leisure magazine’s list of the 25 top spa resorts in the country. It features 26 suites and 12 private villas with a year-round heated infinity pool, one-on-one yoga sessions, an on-site professional culinary staff, and preferred rates at the Wild Rock Golf Club. Additionally, many other resorts have their own on-site spa facilities, and several more day spas throughout the city ensure that your visit to the Wisconsin Dells will be a relaxing one.

Wisconsin Dells even has your gaming needs covered. The Ho-Chunk Casino offers all of the your favorite games, including blackjack, poker, bingo, and over 2,400 slot machines, and the attached 315-room hotel will ensure your stay in The Dells is a pleasant one, even if the cards don’t fall your way.

With miles and miles of wondrous natural beauty, scores of exciting parks and attractions, and relaxing golf and spa resorts, the Wisconsin Dells is sure to be a fantastic vacation for kids and grown-ups alike.